2 scenes in a split screen

I guess, this is my first post .
I have 2 scenes (gltf).
How do I display both, side-by-side in a split screen?
Scene 1 = world
Scene 2 = control panel
Both model cannot be in the same ‘scene’ due to world size (big) vs control panel details (small) - which will introduce z-fighting.
If using RTT, how can I render scene 1 and scene 2 and pasted tp scene 3 texture?
Thank you.

Hello and welcome!
you can use camera.viewport on each scene.activeCamera to set up the side by side rendering

Thanks deltakosh, how about 2 scenes in 2 different file?
How can I render that side by side ?

Same thing: each scene has its own camera with its own viewport

I tried to add another scene (scene2) and its not working.

You need to render the scene2: https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#YQP5RH#1


Yeay… it works.
Thanks sebavan.