2D Position of a locator

Is there a way to get the 2D position for a locator comming from maya.
I have no idea where to search for.

What is a locator ? :slight_smile:

An object in maya without a mesh. A null.
The maya exporter is able to export it.

Ok so you should be able to get it through his name:


That will return a TransformNode

Isnt the transform node a 3D transform.
I would need the pixel position on screen.

I would like to link a 2D text image to that position.

Here an babylong file with a cube and a locator.cube_and_locator.zip (1.7 KB)

Yes it is

You can then use GUI to add label to it:

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Thanks great info!

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I wan to do something very similar to this, but instead of attaching to a mesh, I want to attach to another 2D GUI control. Is there any way to do this? I am currently walking up the parent hierarchy adding up the left and top properties, but its complicated significantly by the horizontal and vertical alignment properties.