3D Asteroid Prototype

So a while back I had intended on making a little playable snippet that of a remake of the 1970s astroid game in 3d in BJS of none other… the whole point was to write a tutorial. BUT, given the amount of work I have slated for the next few months and with the new baby on the way, I am forced to focus all of my attention to work and this has just been stuck on the back burner for way way way to long.

@trevordev helped me with some of the physics when I was having bugs and the helped with some of the controls (which need major reworking)

but its a cool little prototype that can be quite fun, and every step of the way is logged on the playground so it might be a good learning example for someone.


Anyways I think you might need a PS4 controller for it, left stick to move, right stick to look around, square to boost and cross to shoot.

The UFO is just a placeholder right now, as I don’t think the collisions are scripted into it as that was my stopping point.

There is an arrow that will indicate your heading and velocity that you will notice as you start moving around.

Sorry about the sloppy hacky code but this was kinda a WIP.


@Pryme8 - This is pretty rad!!!

You should consider doing a video series on creating it!!! Maybe for the youtube channel?

I’d be more than happy to help you get it all posted!

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Lets talk about that next year, my workload this second is dumb high.

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@Pryme8 Looking at your image above, my mind went back a few years, to something completely different - String Theory (see image below). A theory that developed some years after my initial exposure to Special Relativity some 55 years ago

And that led me to a model of the Calabi-Yau manifold, that represents, in my pitiful understanding of String Theory, the six hidden dimensions of the 10 dimensions from this theory. So here it is :

Calabi-Yau Manifold

Based on a model, originally created by Professor Oliver Knill as modified by Carlo Fonda

So is gryff suggesting that @Deltakosh should be thinking about 10 dimensions not 4 anymore for the next iteration of Babylon.JS ? :grin:

Mind you I might give up on coding if he does.

cheers, gryff :slight_smile:



Sweet! Glad to see this shared, love the visuals :slight_smile: