3D Piano modeler with Babylon expert

Would like to know the estimated cost for an 3D Piano modeler who can design the piano that looks exactly like a real product with custom animations like this to be used for an explainer video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6effL4ATZVo

Because of the confidential nature of the company, I cannot provide further details about the brand. But this is hired remote work:

  • Work with the piano company or the project manager to make the graphics as realistic as possible with BabylonJS
  • Has to sign non-disclosure with the company

Contact lucastwong@icloud.com for details.

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Hi @FBa,

I am interested but need more clarity about the job, so I sent you a message to the email informed.

Thanks and regards

Hello @FBa ,
Hope you are doing well!!
Iā€™d Glad to assist you.
Email Sent with details, please check.
Thanks and Regards
Carter W