3D`s Max mesh transform affect shadows

Hi everyone, I loaded a model (made in 3d`s Max) in babylon and i have a shadow display issue. The center part of the floor is a mesh set (from code) to drop and recieve shadows, but i get this overlapping looking effect on the faces.

I had the same issue in the past with other models and the only way i solved it was by remodeling the meshes. So far i managed to see that this issue appears only on meshes that were duplicated and scaled or mirrored.

Soooo… is this happening because of the transform parameters or is something else? I would like to find the cause of this so i don`t have to remodel every time.

Thank you :grinning:

I think it is shadow acne: try to tweak the value of the bias parameter.

A PG may be required if you want us to dig further.

Thank you Evgeni_Popov for the quick response. I will try this and see if it solves the issue.
I didn`t know about shadow acne, but now i have something to research :grin:.