3D sublimation printing

I got this with javascript.

I’m wondering How I can get the information to help printer print exactly how it is.
what I need to get froom the obj and material or meshes. ?

Screenshot from 2021-05-18 14-50-48

Would be nice if you could ask your question in a way which would let to understand your problem more exactly.

look, I did this with javascript and reactjs, I’m wondering how I can get some information that will help the printer print exactly the way it is.

I believe there is technical documentation for your printer where it is defined which file format one can use for printing and how those files should be prepared.
SInce you’ve mentioned sublimation printing I guess you need 2D image of the lower cup part.

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thanks a lot !

This 2D image is somewhere in your textures (you may have a look at them with Inspector)/

Now I got confused,
how 2d image is somewhere i my textures ?
the texture is just image that cover the cup, right ?

The texture is 2D image, for example in jpg format. For sublimation printing you’ll need 2D image as well.
Here is the video where it is shown how 2D image which was printed with special ink on special paper is transferred onto cup

There do exist other cup printing technologies except sublimation, but this is most simple and popular.


That help ! :call_me_hand: