3ds Max Exporter - Do Not Optimize Animations

Hi Guys,

I am exporting from 3ds max using scripting. Plugin version 20200608.2

The parameter called “optimizeAnimations” does not have any effect.

If I export using the interface the “Do Not Optimize Animations” does have an effect.

I believe you are not respecting the setting of “optimizeAnimations” when exporting using scripting, would you please check up on this matter.


Pinging @Drigax

Can you be more specific? Do you have any examples, or evidence I can work off of?

Error.zip (68.8 KB)

Please look in the attached max file.
It has two geometries, called pin and trigger.
Trigger has 6 keys, grouped into transforms:

Transform1: frame 12 - frame 41.
Transform2: frame 102 - frame 131.
Transform3: frame 137 - frame 156.

The last transform does not export correctly by script no matter what I set “optimizeAnimations” to.
Exporting from the GUI with “Do Not Optimize Animations” = true and the last transform shows.
From this point on it also shows when exporting using scripting.
Basically there is no way to export the last transform using scripting unless it is first exported from the GUI with “Do Not Optimize Animations” = true.

I hope this makes sense.

HI Guys,

I was just wondering if you could use the examples and if you have any update on this matter ?

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No update yet, haven’t had much time to look into this. I’ll take a look today.


Thanks, I see the issue now, looks like we overwrite our export parameters for optimizeAnimations with the value saved to the scene, I’ll publish a PR shortly.

fix is up:


Go @Drigax Go !!!

Thank you so much !!!