404 Error when trying to load textures - PG vs. VS Code - Syntax question - double or single quotes?

Probably an easy question for the pros.

Studying concepts in this demo on the PG (…which works).

mapGroundMat.diffuseTexture = new BABYLON.Texture("/textures/heightMap.png", scene);

However when I transpose the source code from the PG into VS Code, the above statement throws a 404 Error.
However, if I change double quotes to single quotes as in below, the code in VS works.

mapGroundMat.diffuseTexture = new BABYLON.Texture(’/textures/heightMap.png’, scene);

Google searches on double vs. single quote are always in the context of discussions about string literals - not file system paths. I use LiveServer in VS Code for testing. When I move code from the PG to VS Code, I have to make some tweaks to get it run (create vars for the canvas, engine and call the create scene function and I wrap it in a window resize listener) but that’s [not] related to this issue…right?
What am I missing?

There is no difference between single and double quotes when it comes to string definitions. String literals are being constructed using a different single quote - ` and not ’ . They are interchangable, and are mainly there to prevent you from escaping the other (‘quoting “quote”’ instead of “quoting “quote””)
There shouldn’t be an issue with single or double quotes, unless your build system/tslint/eslint prevents you from building when using one of the two (and sees them as an error).