4D Piano (Bringing 88 keys closer to home)

I discovered BabylonJS about 14 days ago. And I hope there will be more projects like this in the future. I don’t think anyone attempted to build a piano app with BabylonJS. It’s interesting and fascinating…


I “did”

This was ages ago though, and I bet I could do a million times better. gotta skip to like 49 seconds in to see it.

I programed the horrible sound too, the idea behind all this was for it to all be procedural which was fun.

Cool, just rolled out some additional updates for 4D Piano: www.findbach.com/4d
You can make your song/aria/operatic/oratorio/music theater backtrack here with just a digital copy of your sheet music from Sibelius/Finale/MuseScore/Flat/NoteFlight. In a few seconds, it automatically analyzes the pre-existing tempi, dynamics, pitches, and rhythms annotated on the score, and produces a realization of it using real (in tune) Steinway piano sound on 88 keys (not less). The animated keys have the appropriate proportions of a real keyboard, along with Boomwhacker’s colors! The sound is 1000 times better than Midi and any Notation Software. In addition, you can make it play full scores, instead of piano reductions, at the tempo of your choice. Any serious virtual choir / symphony who is looking for a quick way to make a backtrack, should have a look at this valuable tool, which works on all browsers and devices.