A cornell box scene, to serve as testing scene

Those from the old forum may have already seen this tiny scene, but because I’ve just made little updates on it, I repost a thread for it.

  1. demo: Cornell Box
  2. sources: GitHub - Vinc3r/cornellBox: just a simple cornell box, for quick tests (oriented realtime engine)

note that a kind-of fork is also availabled on the BJS meshes library repo, allowing quick integration with playground


As you can see in the demo linked above, I’ve made this scene to be able to quickly compare and play with different designer workflows (.babylon vs .gltf, standard vs PBR, lightmap assignation, etc).

It’s on DO WHAT THE FUCK YOU WANT TO PUBLIC LICENSE, so, feel free to use this as you want :nerd_face: There isn’t doc’, ask me if you’re facing issues.