A couple of XR Tests (The4DScanner)

Hello all!

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There is still a considerable journey ahead before this technology reaches full maturity, for example I still have sync problems between the animated mesh and texture (very sparse cases but they happen from time to time). However, with the introduction of our new and highly optimized format, we are now able to facilitate real-time playback directly from web platforms, eliminating the need for any software installation on devices. Additionally, we will provide a public API (JavaScript + WebAssembly) for those interested in developing their own online implementations, as well as a C++ API for offline plugin development.

I hope you like it!
Video in Vimeo

Btw I had to place the video on a link because just placing its url it was played really small and there was no way to make it bigger or fullscreen.


That’s super cool technology! It feels like the “future” is closer and closer

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