A nice new addon for Blender 2.8+ for creating buildings

I found a blender addon today for building houses very rapidly in Blender 2.8+. Here is an example, in Babylon, which I built in <5 minutes:

A House

Notice four windows and a door with an arched top. 400 faces, total vertices = 907, active indices = 1236.

You start with a floor plan, rectangle, H-shaped, random seed etc.You then add floors, windows, doors, steps roofs and balconies by selecting one or more faces in edit mode then pressing the appropriate button (See image below)

So instead of doing a lot of boolean cuts - just a simple one button click. And you can build from single-storey to skyscrapers. (The floor plan can be a circle - so possible to build castle towers ?)

As you add parts, they have defined material zones which are easy to convert to materials themselves. (See attached image). Still have to add UVs for textures though.

Video on using it

Where to download

It is still in alpha, but it seems to work fine … so more features to come, shops, garages?

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Amazing! :smiley:

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I’ve update the little demo of the plugin - now is a shop. Took me far longer to make the textures than to actually create the shop.

The shop was created from an idea from an old British TV comedy series : “Open All Hours”.

Stay Safe All, gryff :slight_smile:

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I haven’t really tested it yet, but you may also be interested in Archipack: https://blender-archipack.org/

Notice that a lite version is bundled into Blender by default.

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@Vinc3r : I’ve played with that add on too. Basically parts of building. I posted that “building” addon as it seemed so fast and windows doors, floors and whole buildings could be added so easily - not just bits of buildings.

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