Active faces of instancied mesh from GLB works differently in preview/stable version

Hi All,

I was using version 4.0.3 which worked very well with a glb containing instancied meshes.
Until my needs change slightly and the clone() function did not work on a node for this version.

So I started using the preview version v4.1.0-beta.24. The clone () function works well :slight_smile:

By cons … now looking at the number of faces that my scene consumes, I find myself with all of the faces even using the instances, which is not the case on the stable version.
I tested by putting only the GLB in a scene without any treatment, and I confirm that the counter does not have the same result at all (the drawcall are ok however).

Do you have an idea of ​​the problem ?

A big thank you in advance, and I take this opportunity to say bravo to your team!

Erf, I was about to suggest a playground to see your issue: Babylon.js Playground
But when I switch to v4.0.3 I’m not able to open Inspector to see the stats, and v3 doesn’t want to load at all (plus I get an issue with normals in my instanced mesh in v4.0.3 - note that I parent the object as said in the doc’)

In 4.0.3, the active indices / faces count was not properly calculated.

See Better active indices counting · BabylonJS/Babylon.js@645ad07 · GitHub and