Adding animation to an asset manager


I have a 3d model. Firstly i used append function, then i used asset manager class to create it. So now how do i add animation to it?


It’s not very clear what you are asking here: do you want to import an animation through an Asset Manager, or do you just want to add an animation to a mesh? In both cases, please check: Introduction to Animations | Babylon.js Documentation ( first.

My question was… i used a 3d object using append function… but when i changed it to asset manager, im couldnt find any relevant doc to add animation… so i guess when we use assetmanagers to create the class, animations cant be added. thats what my findings are. please correct me if i am wrong.

You can, it is just a question of understanding how they both work. Example below

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okayy got it… thank you