Adding clickable hot spots in videodome

I’m trying to load video in videodome from a server and then add clickable hot spots.
Please advise how to add clickable hotspots and if possible a demo code.
Thanks in advance.

You could potentially do it with small meshes and use the actionManager to start a camera animation.

Seconding what @sabavan said here. Just create some “disc” meshes and position/rotate them facing the user in the right spots. Make them “pickable” and put an ActionManager on each one to respond to OnPickTrigger. (Note: discs are, by default, single-sided.)

Once you’ve worked out the right size and position for each disc, you can either make them invisible (set their material’s alpha to 0), or if you prefer, give them a suitable material so they appear as buttons. Be sure the dome itself isn’t “pickable,” just in case your discs are so close to the video wall that they are partially outside of it.

Now, if those “targets” are moving in the video, that’s a tougher problem. I suspect you could somehow figure out the equirectangular x/y position of the trigger point using some math and the trigger event. Then your code would have to somehow determine whether the user clicked on a particular object in the video based on the timestamp and a lookup table of object paths. That would be way outside of my skill level.

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