Adept JDR - my own old one

Adept JDR est un vieux jeu des années 2000 à 2007 que je ressort des cartons pour agrémenter mes soirée. Je remplace flash avec babylonjs XD … L’interface est accessible sans inscription pour éviter les personnages de 8 secondes.

Adept JDR is my old game (2000 to 2007) I take out of the boxes to enhance my evenings.
I’m replacing flash with babylonjs …
The 3D part is available without registration to avoid few second characterscreations .


Nice one @gorgu !!!

Very cool that you’re reviving the game with new tech! :smiley: Flash was a classic but we had to move on :rofl:

Flash was so surprising and slow. Babylonjs is realy easy to use.
I still have a little research to do. I d like to deal with shadows and especially how to make them activatable (or not) by user.
but so far,i enjoy babylonjs (and so many other javascript improuvements since 10 years lol) it’s a real pleasure to revive this game.