Adjust Y position on house mesh


Trying to bring this house mesh down and have character go from back of house to front. How do I adjust the y axis?

Thank ya :blush:

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Hey there, :slightly_smiling_face: It’s pretty handy to create a TransformNode and make it the parent of all of the house meshes, then the whole house can be moved by moving the TransformNode.

Here’s the playground for example with the TransformNode’s y position set to -4 on line 688, brining it closer to the right height I think.:slightly_smiling_face:

Or you could maybe merge the meshes instead, if they have the same vertex attribute kinds, but I haven’t done that with multiple materials so IDK :thinking:

Edit: actually it looks like the attribute kinds and materials are all the same, so the meshes can be merged easily like in this playground on line 834, which allows easy movement and also might perform better since there’s only one mesh now.


Hey @Blake :blush:

Thank ya so very much!! Im going to play around with this mesh so more…I have an idea for a game think this mesh will be useful.


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