Aligned textblocks


I have searched for a long time for an example to display a longer formated text.
Well, if the wheel isn’t invented yet, then I’ll build it myself! :slight_smile:

Hi~I'm new here and i've got 2 questions~~~could anybody help me out?Thanks

why not using GUI for that?


Hello Deltakosh,

I’ve been working with Adobe Captivate for six months, and I could bite the edge of the table with rage every time I start a new project. It’s such a monotonous, repetitive job that you lose all joy…

I am about to write an alternative to Adobe Captivate/Animate and I need a text output that a designer love to use. My little function will have to do a lot more than just aligning a simple text. The whole range of presentation possibilities must be guaranteed… and beyond that… I am now thinking of an autumn-wind-fluttering-in of the individual letters! :slight_smile:

It is a completely text-oriented approach. You don’t have to be a graphic designer to build an engaging e-learning experience and it will increase productivity by thousands of percent.

When my project has reached a presentable state, I will publish it here.

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Sounds perfect :slight_smile: Glad to you work on that idea!


There is a way to put 2D on 3D and mix the two animation systems…


flexbox is cool, but we are dealing in 3D worlds… :slight_smile:

Animations can be defined much more easily.

This is the first step: changing the positions and rotations of objects.

Next there is a new column “Follow statements”, which are executed after the status “finished”.

At the moment I don’t work time-stacked. setInterval sets the bar.