An L-system explorer

Here for all to see what a terrible web jockey I am is L-System Explorer
It has a decent amount of functionality now, but it’s clunky and ugly and needs a lot more attention. That said, it wouldn’t have been possible without Babylonjs.
It’s built on a 3d turtle class that makes heavy use of ExtrudeShapeCustom, hence my recent interest in patching a few holes in it. I kinda wish I’d known you could turn Babylon into a right-handed system at the outset, but, oh well.
I hope to make it straight-forward to create and save generated meshes, and add some sugar for designing L-systems, so for folks interested in modeling either plants or fractals, this might be something you’d be interested in looking at.
source: GitHub - Lowclouds/lsystem


That’s SO COOL! I’m a sucker for L-Systems, they are some of my favourite things in computing. Good ole Peano… :smiling_face:

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nice - you found my tests! So much I need to learn about UIs and serving up files

If you enable code generation (Gen Code), you can get a, potentially lengthy, list of statements that only depend on the Turtle3d class and the logtag.js functions.
I’m kinda partial to the hilbert-3d, myself:

oh, wait, I don’t have that test. Nice to find another L-system aficionado!