Angular Drag on FreeCameraVirtualJoystickInput

how to add drag and angular drag on FreeCameraVirtualJoystickInput, because the camera moves or rotates slightly even after the finger is lifted from screen.

@RaananW might know about this one ?

Are you describing a bug or a missing feature?
I think I am not sure what feature you are missing. Would be great if you explained the use case, it might be a simple flag you can set.

i m using FreeCameraVirtualJoystickInput to move my camera on mobile device(camera has gravity, collision enabled), so the two joysticks that appear on screen and when we use them to move or rotate, the camera is still in motion for few milliseconds even after we have removed our finger from the joysticks, as if an impulse has been is applied to a rigid body with low friction and it takes its time to stop(a complete halt).

oh, that must be the camera’s inertia. set the camera’s inertia to 0 and you will stop immediately.

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