Animation of 2 meshes on same path start at different frame


First of all thanks for all your advice on my questions! this is a great community!

I have 2 basic shapes a box and a sphere, I have a 3d path. I want the 2 objects to travel the 3d path but at different time, for example start animation at frame 10 for box and for sphere start at frame 0. I’m using beginDirectAnimation because I can animate the x and z positions.

The problem I have is that both objects are traveling together using the last beginDirectAnimation, this is the code, pacman and pacman1 start at same position.

scene.beginDirectAnimation(pacman, [xSlide, zSlide], 0, (myPath.length - 1) * frameRate, true,1);
scene.beginDirectAnimation(pacman1, [xSlide, zSlide], 10 * frameRate, (myPath.length - 1) * frameRate, true,1);

Any ideas why they travel together even though they start at different frame? If I delete one of the lines the object starts at the frame I indicate, but the problem is when both lines are active.


Does this help at all Can’t get multiple spheres to animate properly


Thanks, I think the timeout will help, I’ll try it.

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