Animation of the points on the model

Currently we encountered a problem about animation during the development process. Normal bone animation in 3Dmax is normal, but point animation is problematic. Exported FBX tests in Unity are actions that can display animations normally. The following model is the model we used for testing. The gltf format is exported by Unity. It mainly looks at facial (3.1 MB)

How can the 3dsmax export animation be added to the exported model animation group. T.t

hi. you cannot export animated points or edges of meshes. you can use morphtargets for this Use Morph targets - Babylon.js Documentation

there demo on threejs i use 3ds max morphing modifer and export model. in threejs use morphtargets for mesh animation and create custom shader for material animation.


Adding @Drigax and @PatrickRyan who will be available to help after the break on Monday.

I definitely agree with @kvasss on this, typically when you want to animate a mesh’s vertices without rigging, you’ll have to use Morph targets of the different facial shapes you want, then animate the weighting of these morph targets as you need. I’m not sure if Unity has any limitations on the number of morph targets/morph target attributes the gltf importer or engine supports, however.

@PatrickRyan feel free to expand on this if I’m missing anything :slight_smile:.

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