Any chance of Babylon going visual based UI?

I am a 3D artist, I use another software to publish web3D with some ready-to-use function blocks and could not go any further because I don’t do scripting, already too many things to do at 52. not practical to learn a programing language. I can build great 3D content and would be good to be able to publish highly interactive visual content such as loading and unload objects or scenes with animation such as fade in-out and click to play specific action.

Here is my prototype Perfume bottle scenes

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Hi @Philip_Fong, you may be interested in our unofficial editor project:


Thank you, will check it out.

We are also planning to add a Visual State Manager for 5.0 :slight_smile:
More about it soon


Thanks for the info, great to know it is in development, I think I can hire someone to do the compile and deploy instead of doing it myself.

Thanks for sharing this mazing information to us. keep sharing this type of post.

Kabosu Official

I am glad you like my content, here is my compilation into-web3d

I was hoping for Web3D since 20 years ago when I first learn to use 3D software and tried to simulate 3D rotation with sequenced images. It took that long for such technology to develop, my first experience was VRML and so excited thinking I can publish in PDF or EXE back then but it all fell apart due to security issues and wasted my entire sawings about 12 years ago on outdated software from 2D to 3D and web design programs, also the end of the compact disc.

Since then, Adobe bought Flash, Autodesk bought all its competitors is a sign we have reached the tipping point, I wasted 10 years in manual skills, 20 years in digital 2D & 3D and still very little demand today, the reason being time-consuming and very few artists can complete the entire process, I am over age to join the video game industry, however, I plan to start a new kind of evergreen publication with Web3D in 2.5 years after I retire and invite talents to join the niche market.

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