AR mode: The renderingGroupId with the stencil not work

Hey everyone, I have a small issue with the AR feature
You will see the window through the wall
Please see this image Imgur: The magic of the Internet
This is my code
I don’t have any ideas to resolve it

Can you explain in a bit more detail what is the effect you want to acheive?

@carolhmj when you enable AR mode and view the model from another siding(no have the window), you can see the back face of the window. The expected result is that no see the back face of the window

I am not seeing anything that pops to my mind looking at your code, but fortunately we can summon @RaananW our king of everything R :slight_smile:

@RaananW can you help me?

This seems to be related to the depth nd stencil settings you are using throughout the scene.

If there a reason this model needs such an extensive stencil definitions when rendering?

the clear function in AR works a little different than the scene’s, and this must be the reason for that behavior. I can try debugging that to understand what can help here, but it is very much related to the way the model is being rendered.

I have a recessed window, I use the stencil to see the recessed part, and I received this issue on the AR mode.
Can you help me resolve this issue on the AR? Or you can suggest for me another solution.
I’m trying with the CSG and PolygonMeshBuilder but it has not yet resolved this issue

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Hello @sonmai7195 just checking in are you still having an issue?

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Thanks @carolhmj , I resolved this issue


Did you solve it using stencils? :slight_smile:

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no, I switch to using ExtrudePolygon mesh