Are you ready? (for v7)

Hope you Guys in the US had your morning coffee :coffee: and are ready for the show :film_projector: ?
Just visited the site and got my sneak preview :face_with_monocle: at what’s coming (unless you launched it ‘undercover’ ?!:rofl: :male_detective:)

Ok, so no Havok this year. It was hard to beat anyway :grin: But then, some really cool stuff in there :clap:. Some that are new to me :astonished:. Others I already uncovered before :nerd_face:. I’m eager to go through 2024 with BJS v7 and, as a personal note, thanks for highlighting the work of the community (once again). In particular, I’m happy to see that @roland greasedLines got the featuring he deserves :hugs:

Have a great launch :rocket: Team and Everyone. Be assured I’ll be watching :clapper: :joy:


I saw her too. This was released 4 hours ago. Version 7 is available on the repository.
It has some very interesting new features.


Nooo way! Really? Yeah! :vulcan_salute: Can’t wait to see what else is coming!!

This makes me so proud but not that much as being a part of this incredible cool community and have such special virtual friends as you all guys and you @mawa!! Thanks for pushing GreasedLine this much! :heart_eyes_cat:

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quote @deltakoshit’s a celebration. Probably the moment I prefer is the video”.
YES… Have it coming. :child: :clapper: :popcorn: :champagne:

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It is here folks!!!