Arskan x Babylon

Hello, I’m happy to finally take the time to talk about the company I work for, and the development we do, using BABYLON.JS (5.19!!).

Here’s for the marketing part:

ARSKAN is a young innovative French deep-tech company created from scientific research. We are working on ambitious R&D programs to improve our technologies for compressing, transferring and displaying 3D meshes, without data loss and without constraints.

Our goal is to offer technologies for the visualization of massive and complex 3D data for the web, accessible on all types of terminals (PC, smartphone and VR headsets), requiring very little server resources, hardware resources and low bandwidth consumption. Our visualisation and transfer solutions are therefore economically viable and environmentally friendly.

Our technological solutions are :

  • ARSKAN Codec (ACO), a lossless progressive compressor/decompressor of 3D meshes.
  • ARSKAN MoveInside (AMI), a web-based viewer of 3D meshes and external data (IoT, AI, business applications, software, media…) executed on BABYLON.JS 5.19.
  • ARSKAN Silodata (ASD), an intelligent storage platform, with a system of rights and sharing, which gives access to AMI and ACO technologies.

We are also working on an R&D project called Movi3D, to add a real LoD experience, using the advantages of our technology (here is a demonstration 3D model Pic du midi | Parrot).

You can register for free on Silodata to test the solution and start uploading 3D meshes.

I would be happy to have your feedback, especially on the 3D viewer part (here is another link that does not require registration Château de Thol).

Thank you all, it’s great to work on this engine, it’s been three years, starting with BABYLON.JS 3.3, and since then things have evolved so much, for us but also for the engine, and more generally in the Web3D community.


loooks great !!! cc @PirateJC

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Nice ! Your camera is very nice to use in the castle scene, it’s a custom-made controller or something from BabylonJS ? The way the rotation target changes when you use the mouse-wheel make is really intuitive.


Fantastic!! I was there many time :smiley:


Thanks for your feedback, I’m glad you liked the way our camera works.
This is the ArcRotateCamera from BabylonJS that we have customized with special behaviors.
When the user zooms in, we adapt the target position if the radius becomes zero.
We also customized the inertia management.

I guess you are talking about the Pic du Midi :innocent:
The mesh was made by Parrot, using their amazing Anafi AI drone!

It is really a pleasure to work with such huge meshes and to make them work smoothly in BABYLON.JS. :star_struck:


Quite stunning, I have to say. Did you use photogrammetry? I’m asking because the buildings look a bit ‘bombed’, like the ones in MSFS :wink: Else, the result on the terrain and then the castle walls is really amazing; also given the great performance results. I’d say you Frenchies;) are up to something with this thing :smile: Note: I’m allowed to say ‘frenchies’ because I’m swiss, from the french part :grin: And yes, we can objectively admit when our neighboor does something really great :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thank you :slight_smile:
Yes, for the Pic du Midi, this was done by Parrot with Anafi AI drones, and for the Château de Thol, by a company called Geokali, using a more traditional method.

In fact, we don’t produce the mesh, our goal is to facilitate its sharing on the web, and to reduce bandwidth, server and price costs thanks to our patented compression technology.

Furthermore, we are not only building a visualisation product, but we have also been working on more productivity-oriented tools, such as a slicing tool (which is the result of this topic What about 6 clip planes?), a measurement tool, etc.



Amazing work! It’s pretty nice to be able to explore the inside of a castle so throughly :open_mouth: And I feel this kind of work is super important for historic preservation and divulgation :slight_smile:


Impressive work. What window system is that?

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Thanks :slight_smile:
We use React for the user interface. To be more precise, the BABYLON.JS application is integrated in a React application.