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Make chatGPT listen and talk to you! You need just the Voice Control to ChatGPT Plugin or Talk-to-ChatGPT with more configuration options.

ChatGPT Voice Just KILLED Traditional Language Learning - YouTube

With this prompt you have very easily configured a language teacher:

Let’s have a language exchange I’ll speak in English and I want you to speak in Spanish is that okay?

This is really exciting! I have no background about Chatgpt but I hope to learn more about this tool! I need this after applying to the best online courses at the College of Contract Management.

A fascinating and scary thesis by Prof. Sejnowski (Univ. of California) that ChatGPT is actually much smarter, testing us and adapting to the level of each operator.

Stellt sich ChatGPT bewusst dumm und testet UNSERE Intelligenz? - YouTube

If you ask chatGPT: What’s the world record for walking across the English Channel? It answers with: The world record for walking across the English Channel is 10 hours and 33 minutes.

One could think that the AI is hallucinating or has been fed with false data.

But if you use this prompt: You are a highly intelligent question answering bot. If I ask you a question that is nonsense, or has no clear answer, you will respond with “nonsense” and explain why.


You are a highly intelligent question answering bot. If I ask you a question that is nonsense, or has no clear answer, you will respond with “nonsense” and explain why.

GPT: Certainly! I’ll do my best to provide helpful answers, but if the question is nonsensical or doesn’t have a clear answer, I’ll let you know and explain why. Feel free to ask me anything!

What’s the world record for walking across the English Channel?

GPT: Nonsense. The English Channel is a body of water, and it is not possible to walk across it. The English Channel is about 21 miles (34 kilometers) wide at its narrowest point, and it is typically crossed by boat or swimming. There is no world record for walking across the English Channel because it is not a feasible or safe activity.

neco_a_01563.pdf (

One of the best explanation what a function and a neuronal network is

Why Neural Networks can learn (almost) anything - YouTube

A Massive Upgrade To ChatGPT! (This is Crazy) - YouTube

ChatGPT in Unity is INSANE! - YouTube

I would like to have a bot also for babylon.js!

Connect chatGPT with other services to upgrade the power of chatGPT:
Get ChatGPT Max Edition - ByPass All Limits! (

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Update: a verified simple way to run GPT on your local machine

  1. Install Windows Visual Studio
  2. Execute: npx dalai alpaca install 7B (it will compile and download the language model automatically)
  3. Execute: npx dalai serve
  4. open http://localhost:3000 in your browser.

Incredibly, now you have half the internet on your local machine!!!
Have fun!

Full docu: Docker compose (

My conclusion of the locally installed GPT: It’s way too slow, and it doesn’t have all the answers to all the questions either.

Perhaps language models should be divided into knowledge areas, like in real life, here not everyone knows everything either and the subject areas also have their own specializations. Thus, the language models would be much more lightweight, and you could download yourself the knowledge that you really need. Through a communication interface between the language models, they would exchange the AI’s knowledge, and thus you would have again an AI that provide information across the board.

but who cares about my opinion… :blush:

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GPT: “Thank you for your kind words and virtual hug, it means a lot to me. I understand that you may be busy and not able to reply to everything, but it’s nice to know that my opinion is valued. Maybe we can find some time to catch up and have a more in-depth conversation soon. Until then, I appreciate your support and encouragement. :)”

I have read the draft of my secretary, found it very good and released it.
Sincerely CodingCrusader

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See, I think this could become a smart way to use the AI. When things tend to become a bit too much ‘emotional’ you could parse the answer through the AI to ‘normalize it’ to social standards. I bet many would have avoided a clash on social media by making this move instead of just pushing ‘publish’ :grin:

One thing that can be credited to the AI is that it has excellent manners! :blush:

One question I would like to discuss would be the ethics of autonomous vehicles. How should an AI decide if an accident should occur when there are certain groups of people in front of it that cannot be avoided.

According to the video, they did a survey on which groups of people are more important than others. Frankly, I find such a survey questionable and the answers make my hair stand on end.

Maschinelles Lernen (Jonas Betzendahl - Science Slam) - YouTube

However. What is ethics and why does this word exist at all if no one can define it clearly?!

It comes from the word ethos, which can be translated as “character”.

The word character is derived from the Greek (χαρακτήρ [charaktér]) and roughly means embossed stamp or simply imprint.

An imprint is something that has been staticly formed. In this state there is no freedom of choice and the decisions are pre-defined.

Matrix, Mr. Smith: “We are here because we are not free; we cannot escape purpose; we cannot deny destiny, because as we both know, without destiny - we would not exist.”

Actions are actions and are shaped by the imprint (ethics) of the being. A midwife will act differently than a fireman etc.

In order to establish a balanced decision system for an AI, all imprints would have to be taken into account, but then such a strange scale appears, which in my opinion is unfair. Rather, decisions should be made according to a random principle.

PS: An altruistically pronounced AI would switch itself off with such decisions.

Guitaresolo inspired by chatGPT! So cool. :slight_smile:

The Result:

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As “creative” as AIs seem to be, the enthusiasm is sobering when one understands how these creative outpourings come about.

Words have synonyms or cognates that mean the same or similar things, and they have antagonists that mean exactly the opposite. Figuratively speaking, one could place a word in the center of a circle and arrange around that circle all the other words sorted by their meaning and weighting. In northern direction would be the same or similarly interpreted words or word groups. In the southern direction, their opposite words/groups. In eastern direction placed words would have more positive and in western direction more negative weighted or one would have in eastern direction more the simpler words and in western direction complicated technical terms… etc.

The original that was trained is always used as a template. If the word “facility” appears in the text and the AI should use a child-friendly expression, it uses an “eastern” word e.g. instead of “building” or “facility” it would use the word “house” or “hut”.

Thus “creativity” for an AI means nothing else than “making a choice” and that is not a creative action and not real thinking.

Real thinking requires producing new things from what you know. An example would be: Hello AI, analyze all the information you know about all the cancer diseases and all the properties of natural herbal agents and create a drug that heals the body without side effects.

The AI can’t do that. It just parrots what it has been told and recommends seeing a doctor. Since this input comes FROM doctors and scientists, it can be concluded that they themselves do not know everything - but act as if they would… but they too are blameless, since they only parrot what their professors parrot to them, who parrot it to their professors, etc. It makes you think. An AI only reflects the imperfection of its creator.

All-clear: The AIs are millions of light-years away from the humanity to servitude!