Babylon 5.0 Release Community Call For Content

Hey Everyone!

It’s that time of year again! Can you believe we’re a little over a month away from the Babylon 5.0 release? I cannot tell you how excited and energized the dev team is about this release. It is quite simply the biggest, most powerful update we’ve ever had.

As is a bit of a tradition around here, we will be making a high quality release video to help show off the new features and improvements coming with this next release. As we’ve done with our past several releases, as part of the upcoming release video, we want to dedicate a portion of it to show off some of the amazing things that you (the community) has created with Babylon.js.

If you have made something with Babylon over the past 18 months, are proud of it, and would like to submit it for consideration to be included in this upcoming release video, please reply directly to this thread with a link. The deadline for submission will be April 18th!

***Note that due to time limitations in the video, we unfortunately will not be able to include everything.

Thanks so much for all that you do to make this community amazing. Can’t wait to see your creations posted here!


This is a venture I’m working on to make VR app/content creation accessible to everyone, and of course it’s made with BabylonJS!

Also there’s a Worlde VR game in the link :slight_smile: .


Awesome! Thanks for the submission and welcome to the Babylon Family!


This is a 3D space game (kind of a mix between a Sandbox and RTS):
BTW It’s still in active development so not everything is completely finished (e.g. multiplayer).

Edit: here is a screenshot:

Also if the page loading spinner
stops loading but the game still says it is loading, you’ll have to reload it (F5) should work fine then.

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I’m super grateful to all the help from the community I received while creating babylonjs-viewer


OVGRID - Open Virtual Grid /
OVGrid development progress
made with BabylonJS and GunJS!


In case you’d like to show something more ‘design orientated’ and a vehicle, you are totally free to show my BSA Bantam D1. It’s still WIP and not perfect yet. It’s also 100% BJS with full PBR textures created straight in BJS and 200% made from instances and merges all made in BJS (with just a text editor, photoshop and a c4d/obj base mesh. It’s also 100% animated from BJS.

To be honest, there’s not much specific to V5 in this project, except the use of the new color space. It still is a 100% dedicated BJS project.

Of course, If you don’t want or need this kind of view in your video, no offense at all.

I’m very much looking forward to this release of version 5 and also wishes to thank the BJS team for all the great work and constant dedication to the community. GL with the launch.

May I add here that I luv all the work that’s being submitted here (and in the demo and PG feed). I’m mostly admirative of the tech skills for some of these projects. And also, lots of great ideas. This framework and community is just amazing.

I hope version 5 will push BJS sky high :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:


Hi everyone,

4MURS, a french company selling decoration products, wallpapers, furnitures, curtains, paint… both online and in 105 stores in France and Belgium used babylon to developp ADEL.

ADEL is a free webapp to create and decorate your own room with more than 7000 objects. New objects are added continuously and exciting new functionnalities are coming : HD renders, attic rooms, opening in walls…


OK, je kiffe :smile: Et la vérité ça me fait trop penser à une vieille app (un showroom builder) auquel j’ai participé en 2013, crafté sur Unity. Surtout la partie où on crée la pièce, d’abord en top view. Puis on place les éléments et finalement on switch sur la 3D. Vous nous auriez pas piqué notre idée par hasard? LoL, je plaisante :grinning:
En vérité, C’est vraiment juste tout la même côté behavior et interactions (en plus zouli… pour mon projet c’était un studio US qui a fait la real… faut bien le dire, FR c’est quand même mieux côté design :yum: C’est vraiment clean. J’adore!

Un super projet, j’adhère à fond!

Edit: Juste une remarque si je peux me permettre. On s’est fait grave challengé sur notre projet par le client, parce qu’on ne pouvait pas revenir au premier stade (construction de la pièce). Et il semble que vous ayez le même soucis dans votre app. Je sais que c’est une feature qui ressemble à un nightmare mais cela reste à considérer, le cas échéant?… GL with your project,


Salut mawa,

Thanks for your message.

You’ll have to trust me on this, but we hadn’t heard of your app before. That being said, we didn’t innovate much on the user interface. The point was to be as simple as possible so we relied massively on standard usages.

I made the design myself, so thanks :wink:

It is possible to change the room dimensions after its creation, but this feature is only available in the internal version to avoid an overloaded public interface. We’ll eventually open it to the public because, as you, a lot of users are asking for it. We just have to find the right UX and UI for it.


It was a joke. I sure do hope you haven’t. This app was exclusive to all BRP Dealers. If you would have known about it, it would only mean I didn’t do my job correctly :wink: I can speak about it now, NDA is no longer applicable and the project has been abandonned. Even though we focused on simplicity (just like you) it was still too complex or too incomplete (for architects) to actually create a dealership. The project was part of the process of CX and engaging dealers towards CX.

I took note that you already implemented the way to go back to the room building. Congrats for this. Not an easy task. Again, GL with your project and I already luv it :yum:

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Unfortunatly we don’t designed some nice webApp these few lasts months, but our Therouanne app can however be included in the past 18 months :blush:


Here are a few projects I’ve released over the past 18 months:


Lovely! I had to lough so much at the penguins catching the fishes you throw’em… Same for the fishes but I have to say I particularly liked the penguins. Works beautifully. Congrats,

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The model is really clean. GJ.

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We have contributed already to last release, but if you are interested, you could add this app:

It was part of an architectural competition and used in participatory processes with citizens. It´s awesome how babylonjs as well as react-babylonjs helped us within this process!
(bit fast gif… :sweat_smile:)



Since you already did contribute to 4.2, may be it’s time to leave place for others :wink:
Nah, just joking. Works beautifully even on older systems. I luv it :smile:
I cannot tell if it’s accurate. I don’t have the skills for this. But it looks very clean and the UI is comprehensive. Gut gemacht, ein sehr schönes Projekt.


Simple game where you learn some Vietnamese that I’m pretty proud with how the atmosphere turned out. (Press R to reload and see another weather)

Edit: If this wasn’t working in Chrome before it should be working now.


We would love to have Showboat included in the video!

We can work with you to get login links to different environments or footage for you to use.