Babylon 6.3.0 exporter output doesn't have materials applied

I’m using the BlueSoldier_male.blend file from this collection: Blends - Google Drive , and the official Babylon.js exporter from GitHub. Exporting as .babylon produces a file that doesn’t seem to have any materials applied.

Invoking the masterminds @JCPalmer @gryff @Vinc3r

I think you just have to check “Use Nodes” on every materials:

[edit: actually I made a quick&dirty test, and yep, “use node” is the way to go:

Yes, that would very likely fix it. I had this non-Node materials working like last April, but then something changed for the final 2.80 release :roll_eyes:

I think this might have come up before though. If you are not running the latest exporter, 6.3 , I would definitely switch to that.

If that does not work, post your export log file. If this would require changing code though, you should just switch to Nodes, cause I will not be getting to it for a while.

edit: just noticed version was in the topic title

In Blender Text Editor, you can use this code to active nodes on every scene materials:

import bpy

for mat in
    mat.use_nodes = True

Copy paste in Text Editor, then click on Run Script button

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