.babylon file format documentation

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It would be nice to

  • make the list of what is still not exported in the .babylon file format.
  • add what is forgotten (for instance metadata)

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AFAIK when present metadata is exported for a mesh and scene

You’re right but i think it’s not written in the docs

To convenience here a link to the current doc.:

“state” is exported but not documented.

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@PirateJC is the king of the doc

Sweet thanks @bvaisman for calling this out. It sounds like we need to go through the .babylon file format doc and update it. I’ve created an issue to capture this so I don’t forget about it.

I’m planning on updating a bunch of doc pages in the coming weeks, will hopefully take a look at this then.



mesh.overrideMaterialSideOrientation is serialized but not documented.

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One that I found which is not in is wireFrame. I just check the source code, looking for a @serialize on the property in question.

I am a little too lazy to do this, but one could just add the tag to the needed property, then see what happens.

For this property, I just added a material custom property only to my source code generator variant of the Blender exporter.

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