Babylon.js 3.3 particle system demo

I wanted to place a sample here showing the code for using our new particle system features. These are all over time features where we have control of a parameter over the lifetime of the particles or lifetime of the system. I will post more samples for you to play with as we make them.

Particle System New Features Demo

Press the space bar to cycle through the particle systems.


Hi PR! Hey, thx for your work on the particle system!

In the new features demo… lines 189 and 224 are causing ReferenceError: event is not defined error in Firefox (mine is 60.3.0 ESR).

Works fine in my IE.

Just thought I would report. Thanks again! Good lookin’ new features!

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Thanks for the spot check, @Wingnut! I should have done more cross browser testing, but I pulled this directly from our announce video demos which were made to be recorded so only needed to work in one browser. I will make sure to give our others a full testing. Updating the link in the original post.

I’m not seeing anything in Chrome, Firefox or Safari on Mac, not even any console errors.

Scrap that … it’s just the default camera orientation wasn’t focussed on the action.

That’s a great point, @inteja. You need to click on the viewer to give focus for input and that can cause the camera to rotate. I detached camera control so that you are always looking at the particle emitter. I tested on the Mac browsers you mentioned with the help of @kcoley who is the only one with a Mac on hand at the office. The link is now updated.

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@PatrickRyan perfect! Works great now.

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