Babylon & Spring Security & Strange Error

Hey all,

I activated Spring Security in my application and all of a sudden I get a new error out of the babylon coding:

  • The error ocurrs only if I call await BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMeshAsync("", “”, ‘data:’ + file, scene);
  • where file is just the .babylon file retrieved from the backend in some other step
  • The error is not called immeditaely after the function call but later after my code completely ran through.
  • I also noticed that animations do not work on those objects.
  • If I deactivate spring security everything works just fine.

Currently I dont have a clue what is happening here… XD
Do you have an Idea? (I mean maybe it is somehow spring security related, but I just dont know where to start …)

May be relevant somehow: I import BabylonJS the very standard fashion:

Thx in advance!

This is indeed really weird. Could you check your network tabs in the Chrome devtools to see if some TGA files would not be found ??? Like Spring Security preventing to serve those mime types by default ?