Babylon VR hosting on AWS S3 buckets

Hi, first I want to thank you for Babylon, documentation, examples and level of support.
I am new with Babylon so I apologize if the question is trivial.

I am using babylon.js with CRA react, and I have a VR demo with HMD (Oculus Rift) that runs OK on FireFox with browser enabled for VR support in local mode.

When I host the same project on Amazon AWS in S3 buckets the VR HMD (Oculus Rift) support is not working, is behaving the same like for Chrome. Not in VR mode is working fine.

Your host should have no influence on device support. Rather odd :slight_smile:

I believe S3 always hosts using SSL, are you using https:// to load your website? want to share the page maybe?

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Thx for the answer.

it could be because I am not using SSL ?

this is the reason for sure :slight_smile:

Your great, I will test it and let you know. Thx again.

@arooly easiest fix is to create a CloudFront distribution with a free certificate, then make your S3 bucket the origin for the distribution, and serve the https CloudFront URL. Then optionally you configure a custom URL to redirect to the root of the cloudfront URL.

Thx RaananW & jkeys it works perfect with https: