Babylonjs Editor scripts that call other React classes?

In the Babylonjs Editor you can do cool stuff like write scripts and have custom classes. They get stored in a file called project.editorproject. I’m wondering if these scripts can call other classes within a React environment. Has anyone tried that?

I might have some cool UI popups and interactions in my React project. Would be cool to be able to call those from the Babylonjs Editor scripts

Pinging @julien-moreau

So far my solution is to use the message event listener on the React side and postMessage from the Babylonjs Editor scripts. It works, but just wondering if there’s a better way

Hey @ozRocker :slight_smile:
You are right, I wanted to suggest you that way because unfortunately the scripts editor hasn’t been designed to be able to discuss with external code :frowning:

Anyway the V4 of the editor has been made from scratch and will give you more flexibility. Typically it will allow you to do that easily. Also, all scripts will be physically created in separated .ts files.

Are you interested to be a beta tester of that new editor ?

Yes, very interested in being a beta tester, thank you :slight_smile: Is there anything you need from me in order to sign-up?

Excellent ! Nothing special, I’m going to create a post to share the builds.
I have more time on my side because 0 documentation exists today and this is a BIG work I have to do at the moment.