Babylonjs Location Symbol

SymbolHello, I need the entity as in the picture, but I couldn’t find a similar object or property with babylonjs. How can I create this or can you share if you have a different idea?


Do you need this entity in 3D as a mesh or in 2D as GUI element?


You can make it yourself in Blender: - Home of the Blender project - Free and Open 3D Creation Software


I couldn’t find it on the internet as Obj-Glb. I also searched how to create this in Babylonjs, but I couldn’t find a solution for it either. I need it in 3D.

For this, I guess I need to learn blender first :). Thanks for your recommendation dear Council.

Well, I guess by the time you searched for it and posted you would have already created your own version. May be you could even put it for sale on the web for $10 for the lazy people :wink:

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Oh, my apologies… As I was typing, just came in your reply. Would you pay me $10 for it? :grinning: :money_mouth_face: (joking of course). Well you know, if you cannot find it by tonight and I would have 15min spare time I don’t know how to spent :wink: I guess I could quickly make this one for you. Let me know in a few hours if you are still stuck with this.

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Thank you for your goodwill, you’re so good:). I drew a capsule that would work for me and painted it red. This will work for me. If anyone can throw a better one, I’ll mark it as a solution for those who are looking for something better, or if I can imagine a better one :).

Capsule Examples | Babylon.js Playground (

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Oh, great… A symbol from BJS only. That’s a cool idea :heart_eyes:

A fun thing to play with. May be others will want to add their bit to it.
Here’s already for my small contribution towards your example:

Have a great day :sunglasses:


You are great. It turned out to be a very beautiful symbol, thank you. I played with some imagination rotation and position.

Location symbol | Babylon.js Playground (


Nice :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:, Now, you could add just a tube, a torus or two cylinders with a substract and parent it to your capsule mesh to finalize the same symbol as the one in your example.
But you know what, I find it might look cleaner just like this (personal opinion).

Isn’t it great all what you can do with BJS, without the use of a 3D app? :smile:
Have fun and have a great day :sunglasses:

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I agree with you, it looks cleaner that way. What we can do without the need for Babylonjs blender etc. is very wide.