Best Way to Find What a Skeletons Attached Mesh Rotation or "Root" Rotation?

How do I get the root rotation basically and I do not mean the rootNode bone, but the mesh that the skeletons attached to.

You have to go through all meshes and check their skeleton property

ewwwww… can we make a change that when a skeleton gets added to a mesh, that the mesh get a property like

mesh.assignedSkeletonId or like mesh.assginedSkeleton?

Is there anything that would break by doing that?

Well this will be more memory for not a good reason as it is easy to do:

scene.meshes.filter(m => m.skeleton === mySkeleton);
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whoa, I have never used .filter before, googling now!

Ohhh its a loop that I normally program myself… wow the things you learn…