Blender 2.80 release candidate

I see we are getting close. There is still no install, just an unzip, so I have not uninstalled 2.79, yet.


Been recompiling blender from source every few weeks to keep up. It’s a dangerous way to live. :sunglasses:

What platform are you on? Did they not have a daily build zip / tar there?

Running on Ubuntu, it just seemed easier to setup a symlink to the blender repo build, than run from the unzipped build. Though setting up the build environment is definitely tedious the first time.

When I was on Ubuntu, there was an unofficial PPA, or something which was updated often. Of course, that could have been updated by a serial killer!

Now that I have a Kinect2 Blender addon, probably never going back. Although, I saw where the new Kinect Azure is supported on both Windows10 & Ubuntu.

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Wow! I never knew such a thing existed. Mind sharing the project? I might just have to pickup a Kinect now :smiling_imp:

Actually it doesn’t exist, yet. It is a couple of projects. First, a C++ project which generates small .dll’s (32 & 64 bit variants) which directly interfaces a Kinect2 & outputs data in JSON.

You do not really need to know this project, because the second project, has the resulting .dll’s inside them. That project is part of the new MakeHuman Blender addon. The version in the repo sucks. I have a much updated version, & hope to finish by the end of the month.

A blend with the Kinect armature is also going to be in the repo, so using MakeHuman would not strictly be required, BUT the Kinect2 run time, and my .dll’s are never going to run outside of Windows.

The Kinect Azure, is Developer Kit, not a production product yet. I also do not think it is directly compatible, but if a .dll, or .so were to be made to output the same JSON data, only minor changes to the module load inside of Blender would needed.

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Actually, I found the docs for for Kinect Azure. It is very different. There will definitely be separate .dll’s. Kinect Azure is using CUDA. No SDK yet, but see a picture of the skeleton.

No hands, which I cannot get decent results from on Kinect2 anyway. No feet though?? The weird “ear bones” I think is to get better head rotation info. The 2 joints right at the neck puzzle me.

If I can find the github repo to see the c API or c++ wrapper, I should be able change the Blender part to either convert the MakeHuman default skeleton convert to either a Kinect2 or azure skeleton.

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