Blender 6.0 exporter for Blender 2.80



If you find hooking in this json file is too much, generating an inline javascript file instead will also get the job done without making changes to the Repo.

Technically, you could add this without changing the Repo, I guess.


Well am in full conversion mode to Blender 2.80 / TOB 6.0 exporter for all my test / demo scenes. I have encountered an error when trying to export any colors of former STD materials appended into a new file. You cannot address fields using .r, .g, or .b. You must do [0], [1], or [2]. Guess we just cannot have nice things. Array indexing always works though.

Back face culling & max simultaneous light were also not being written when not using a Nodes based material. I have corrected these, and will be updating the .babylon exporter in the next day or so.

One good thing I do like about 2.80, is there are new window types for my test scenes which save me time. First is that preference can now be in a window (pink), and info where errors & where I can write to in green. Can save this layout into the .blend file.


Blender ver 6.0-Beta 8

  • Write colors in a way which works for both Nodes based, & converted STD materials.
  • Write backFaceCulling, checkReadyOnlyOnce, maxSimultaneousLights when a non-Nodes material
  • Write shapekeys / morgh targets