Bone class missing getter and setter for parent

The Bone class’s documentation shows a getter and setter for the property parent but neither is actually defined. I guess they aren’t really needed since we already have the methods getParent and setParent, but it’s confusing to have the property in the documentation when it doesn’t exist…

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Bone extends Node, which has those properties, so they should exist. Weird thing is that the Bone class doesn’t actually use this property, but that’s another subject altogether :slight_smile:

i’ll check why and if we can unify both. it makes no sense to have both.

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Update - [Suggestion] Make Bone use the correct parenting by RaananW · Pull Request #11791 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js (

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My bad, it exists it just isn’t used. :slight_smile: They really should be unified like your PR thou or else removed from the documentation IMO. Otherwise code like below causes an error since the getter always returns null. And setting it would be ignored by the Bone class, it’s a recipe for confusion and bugs as it is…