Bounding box Gizmo rotate incorrectly when scene is using right hand system

I think this may be a bug of Bounding box Gizmo, please see these Playground
I set scene.useRightHandedSystem = true, then rotate the BoundingBoxGizmo, the gizmo rotate to opposite direction.
Here is a video to show problem:

cc @Cedric

I’m adding it to my todo list.


@Cedric want me to grab this one for you?

@gongsiyi123 I can’t watch the video you shared, getting this error on all browsers:

Could you please share it some other way?

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I can watch the video on safari, macOS Monterey :).
This issue has already been fixed, I have committed a PR to fix it :smiley:

Oh that might be it, I don’t have a macOS machine :sweat_smile: but glad to know it’s being fixed and thanks to your contribution! :heart: