Bounding box (inspector) not being drawn sometimes


here’s a pg for that (hopefully) consistently reproduces the issue:

Pretty sure it should work… Possible I’m missing something else

edit: you’ll need to enable the bounding box in the inspector to see it not drawn.

Disregard the face orientation, it’s not part of the problem :slight_smile:

Oh, sorry, I missunderstood. Here is

You forgot to convert strings to int L32 :wink:


Well, should have made the pg in ts. The original code sure has borderCoordinates as number[][]. :blush:

In any case, this is an example - albeit maybe not a very helpful one. The bounding boxes in the inspector not being drawn happens occasionally, on glb assets, and it’s difficult to reproduce. Had it the other day, double checked… and then it just started working.

There are not integers in js, just by the way. Number is a 64 bit float in sane VMs. You can exactly represent every int32 with double precision floats, tho.

edit: I mean it does have BigInt for some time now, but everyone seems to insist in BigNumber.js :slight_smile:

I’ll find a way to reproduce it that is not technically a user error some day.

Hard to say without a repo :worried:
You can try this for all meshes, or only for a specific mesh

scene.meshes.forEach((m) => m.alwaysSelectAsActiveMesh = true);