An educational game for kids

Hi all, we have recently released using Babylonjs. It is an educational game for kids. They can gain brainy power by doing number and spelling quizzes and use that power to battle and collect coins. The coins then can be used to buy collectables.



This is super cool cc @PirateJC

YES! This is so rad!

@miyakojingi do you mind if I add this to our community web-page?

Thanks guys. Yes please! I was hoping I could add my game to the community web-page. Also while I’m here I’d like to thank everyone for making Babylonjs such a great game engine. It’s a pleasure to work with and really shows off what web technology can do.


@miyakojingi :I love the idea, particularly at the current time with lots of on line learning :slight_smile: I will ask my daughter, a teacher, what she thinks.

Could a teacher follow a child’s progress through the game, perhaps to assess areas of concern?

Stay Safe, gryff :slight_smile:

Yes that’s exactly what I have in mind. Currently you can link up the account between parents and children to drive the maths and spelling curriculum using the parent account. Teachers can use the same features, but I plan to make it more explicit with teacher/student links. Also there are already ways to track the child’s progress.

This is explained towards the end of the learn more page. Brainy Warriors

And yes any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you!

This should be live on the community page in the next couple of minutes:

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I see it live now! Thanks guys! We are honoured. Let’s keep working together to make Babylonjs and the games coming out of it great!


As an educator, I must say this is incredible! What a great game that combines all the best things about playing games and learning!

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No in-app puchases? How sad;) It would have been ‘educational’ to teach them how to detect a digital abuse. Jokes apart, I very much like the idea and also gameplay. It is very good for kids. The idea to force ‘brainy’ challenges to increase your power (or else you’re dead) is really pushing towards the educational parts, in a smart way (my opinion). Very good spirit and nice real. GJ,

Note: I found the calculation challenge to eventually be a bit long. It would may be be good to also be able to select a number of calculations to perform with an adapted reward (like choosing from 3 or 5 to a max of 10, in the same spirit than with the words). May be?

Else, I’m not a great fan of the move with the mouse but I must say that your version works very well.

Thanks for the feedback. In fact the number of maths questions per test is already configurable by the parent. Along with the difficulties.

Information about parent page is available in the game when talking to the wizard or on our website: Brainy Warriors

On top of that, there is no need to finish the test. If you need a little more juice to defeat the foe in front of you, you could always answer just a few questions and go back into comat.

Finally you mentioned not being a great fan of the mouse. Try using an xbox controller, it supports that too :slight_smile:

Oh Nice, I must have missed this ‘parental control’ panel. Awesome.
Cheers and GL with your project,

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