Break up Exporters Repo by output

This is not a feature, but the closest category.

Many little things that annoy me about a combined Exporters repo.

  • Getting issue emails about things that I do not care about
  • Remembering to always do a pull before committing locally. Someone did a fix for Blender, but other stuff was out of date, so it got reverted.

Being together is no no real value. People rarely use a combination of exporters. Even if they did, the appearance of being in the same repo could be maintained by a web page. This is a waste of time being together.

I have seen how others just have a huge number of repos, and this has its own problems, but this is still not that many.

Now that Github allows a non-paying account to have private repos, I have abandoned the extensions repo, & made 4 private repos. Do not know if or which will become public, but it is so much easier. Am never going to update extensions again. I have no cycles for BS.

So you would prefer to have Blender alone? That seems reasonable for me
We did it already for Unity actually

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Yeah, that would be good. Just create the empty. I am going to write 6.1 to there this week. Kind of a mess I will not have to deal with if there is nothing there.

I let you also just add a readme in the current blender exporter folder to point to the new one if it is ok for you

Here we are:

You should be admin already

Can do.

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