Cached assets loading extremely slowly on selected browsers


I’m having an issue where assets that are already cached by the browser (e.g. after a reload. I’ve confirmed they are cached from the network tab in the browser devtools) are extremely slow to load in the assets manager, even after they are displayed as loaded (cached in this instance) at the network level. To make things more complicated, this happens only with Firefox Developer Edition and Safari, but not with Firefox or Chrome. The experience is consistent with all browsers.

An example of a page where I’m facing this is Co-working space Anggerik (that’s my app). I have tried to create a PG repro but cannot seem to get the same issue, the PG I created is at The code in there is as close as I could get to the assets loading outside of my app. It’s a bit slow to load the first time (on purpose), so please bear with it :grimacing:, and what’s (supposed to be) interesting is on reloads.

I’ve tried to profile the browser (Firefox Dev Edition) during the load but I’m not seeing anything that explains why everything is loading for so long, see my recorded profile at Firefox Profiler if that helps.

Does anyone have any idea what might be happening here? Or how I could debug / profile things in a better way to figure it out?

Thank you.

I would recommend to file a bug for FF or Safari (good luck with this one) as this seems really linked to a new update they did

Can you repro in CHrome/Edge canary/dev?


Thanks for the reply. I’ve tested with Chrome Dev & Canary as well as Edge & Edge Dev, none of them has this issue. (I didn’t realise we could install Edge on Mac, neat!)

Although I expected it, I was fearing you’d recommend bug filing with the browsers, haha. It’s been quite a pain to get any response when I did so previously, even for FF :persevere:. Will try though.

One thing though, I’m not facing slow cache with any other assets than these (or I’m not aware). Is there anything special about importing stuff with the Assets Manager that you think could be relevant?

Cheers and thank you.

Filed for FF: 1720259 - Loading cache assets very slow in Firefox Dev Edition, not in Firefox. Any idea how to proceed on the Safari side?

I am guessing here ?

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AssetContainer is a simple shortcut to XHR/parse the model so there is nothing specific there

Thanks @sebavan. Filed for Webkit at 227938 – Loading cache assets very slow.

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