Can animations blend across multiple loaded files?

Hi there. Wondering if it’s possible to load a series of files (char_wave.glb, char.jump.glb,, etc)- and then blend across them? Or can you only blend animations within a single file?

(every example i’ve seen seems to be single file only)


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This is possible. You can load several files containing animation for a model and then just set:

model.skeleton = skeletonFromAnotherFile

Does it make sense? I think that @Dad72 worked on a sample for that some times ago

Few examples:

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Unless I’m mistaken (very possible), setting skeleton would swap one for the other, without enabling a blend of the animation states, right?

Am I using the wrong term…? Maybe “weighted animation” is the right term? As per this PG:, where you can blend from the idle to walk to run animation.

Not possible with a skeleton re-assignment, right?

oh ok, yeah swapping the skeleton will be instant with no blend of animation :frowning:

So not possible then - to blend (weight) multiple animations between multiple files?

Well as long as it involves multiple skeletons, the answer is not unfortunately