Can we have "Babylon.Scene._renderTargets" made public?

This member is private today, and it’s useful for updating RenderTargetsStage components for a RenderTextureTarget without overall updating a scene.

Example where shadows is removed for the RenderTextureTarget camera:

let rendertargets = scene._renderTargets;
		scene._gatherRenderTargetsStage.find(t => == "ShadowGenerator").action(rendertargets);
		if (rendertargets.length > 0) {
			for (let renderIndex = 0; renderIndex < rendertargets.length; renderIndex++) {
				let renderTarget =[renderIndex];
				if (renderTarget._shouldRender())
					renderTarget.render(false, false);

Sure thing. Wanna do a PR?

Never done such a thing before on GitHub before :sweat:

A great way to learn and be part of the team :smiley:

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I will give it a try :slight_smile:

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