Can we use Bendy Bones?

Hello guys,

it’s my first time I play around with animations. In blender I found an option called Bendy Bones where I increased the segments to 5. After that the lower part of my animated object is kind of static and just the upper part is rotating. This is exactly what I want to achieve but this doesn’t work in babylon.

I wonder if it’s just the exporter that doesn’t include this information or if it’s not possible to use in babylon. This image should make it clear.

No bendy bones are not implemented in the BJS framework.

is there a trick or something to get a similar result to the blender animation?

Use 2 regular bones. In weight painting, try to give some influence to both bones for vertices near the junction.


I will try that. Thanks!

EDIT: It works even better than with the bendy bones approach.

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