Can you make Hand Simulator using Babylon.js?

Do you know Hand Simulator (HS)?
HS is one of the hardest game in the history in which you try to use mouse and keyboard to simulate your hands.
As this post shows, you can even bend and extend your each finger lol.

Since this game is very unique and hilarious, I want to make a clone of it for myself.
But because I am new to babylon.js or any 3D graphics, I don’t know whether these thing below are possible or not.

  1. Finger movement triggered by key press
    I think I need to rig the arms and human body first.
    But how can I use that rig from Babylon.js to achieve bend-(extend)-finger movement?

  2. Arm movement that follows mouse pointer:
    I think rig is also used here.
    But I don’t know how to use inverse kinematics in Babylon.js.

  3. FPS camera and head movement:
    I think it is possible, I just don’t have code right now.

After all, I want to hear how insightful experts like you implement HS when you are a a fun of this game like me.

Thank you for reading!
I’m looking forward to have chat with you :smile:

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Hi miyabi,

Welcome to Babylon! Sounds like a pretty meaty challenge; a good place to start might be by looking at the Babylon.js examples from the docs. Each example you click on there will show a small demonstration of a particular concept at work. If you want to see the code for how each demo was created, look in the lower-right corner of the browser window and click the pencil icon to open the demo in the Playground. There are tons of cool examples to look at, but for the specific questions you asked, I’d start with the following:

  1. Animations 101
  2. Drag and drop and Bones 101
  3. Cameras 101

Those won’t show you everything you need to know, but they should provide a good starting point to build from.

Thank you syntheticmagus for a nice reply!
I looked into examples and playgrounds. They are awesome!
Now I will proceed to 3 tutorials you have mentioned.

Thank you again syntheticmagus, and I greatly appreciate the helpful community that you maintain with efforts!

Have a good day :grin: