Cannot export scene as glTF using dynamicTexture

Hi! I want to label different objects in a scene and then export the scene as a glTF. In the documentation I found two examples using dynamicTexture. Unfortunately I can only export one as a glTF. What do i have to change?

Is working:
Not working (but i want it :slight_smile: ):

Thanks for any reply!

I had no problems to export GLB file from through Inspector panel. (11.4 KB)

Hi labris, thanks for your reply! I tested it on 2 PCs and a Mac. Each with Firefox, Chrome and Safari / Edge. Also via the inspector panel (It’s stuck with “Please wait … export”). Unfortunately it doesn’t work for me in any case.

Works fine (for me) without the material:

Are you able to download this scene in .babylon format? -

Yes, it is exported as scene.babylon.

But does that mean that it is not possible to generate a glb via code from this scene?

Does anyone have a solution to export a scene with this dynamic label as glTF / glb? :pray:
Is that a bug? Can I get around this somehow?
Thanks for any hint or solution!

It is not a bug, gltf references files not dynamic data unfortunately. It is a limitation of the format

Many thanks for your answer, Deltakosh! Hmm. But it is working fine with the other example and its also dynamic data: I also tested it with my iPhone + Safari and it works. Since I’m unfortunately just a babylonjs newbie, I can’t find or create a better example of a label that adapts to the text. That’s why I hold onto it so stubbornly :laughing:

And you are right to insist because I misunderstood your question :slight_smile:
Let me add @Drigax who is the owner of the exporter :wink:

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Huh. no idea. @Sigko what are you doing differently between the scenes? The code wasn’t super obvious at first glance. I’ll have to trace through to see where we’re hanging…

The examples are actually from the docs - Dynamic Textures | Babylon.js Documentation

The first example lets to export GLB, the second - doesn’t.

you don’t say? I’m more interested in the specific differences in workflow that are causing these effects :wink:

And the second example has no problems with exporting to .babylon format; but I don’t know why :slight_smile:

oh hey, this seems related…

However it works fine in 4.2.0…this is getting interesting…

The dynamic texture has non integer width: rounding the width/height make it work:


Thank you (all of you) very very much !!! Can’t tell you how happy I am that it works <3