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Earlier this post was “Inspirations of the day”. Now this is the CCC code challenge channel! :slight_smile:


I love that tool!

This one is really impressive


If you think of it, Adobe apps aren’t that expensive anymore. You can get them all with just a fraction of what we used to pay only 10y ago. I remember purchasing two Master Suites smuggled from the US for 3 grants each (instead of nearly 4k in switzerland). To this, you would have needed to add 3ds (3k), C4D (2k+), Maya (close to 3k), etc….Now, you can have it all and then constantly up to date for roughly a fourth of the price. In a way, cloud really had an impact on a more ‘reasonable’ offer of digital tools. It also has it downsides, though. Don’t yours think?

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Code Challenge “Sphere Lines”

Draw a curves on a sphere like on

That is an interesting one! Probably better ways to go about this, but here’s my concept.

EDIT: a slightly better approach of modelling the connecting curves

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modified… :slight_smile:

Next Challenge “Clouds”


Proof of concept

Axiom 1: Every graphical problem can be described as a one or two dimensional problem.

Axiom 2: Higher dimensions are projections of the first two dimensions.

tranformation of a 2D grid net into a 3D sphere

transformation of 2D lines into 3D sphere lines

2D grid net

red: 2D (3th dimension (y) is an additional calculation of a bending line during the transformation)
yellow: 3D transformation

… it gets better and better

Inspired by

modified the swarm simulation a bit or two